Vote Theresa Claire for Entrepreneur of the Year!

I have recently been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in the State of Connecticut. Vote here:

Here are the top 5 reasons why I hope you'll vote for me:

1) You are a parent that has ever had problems communicating with your child. That's why I created LoveSnax!

2) I've inspired you in some way. I'm just like you. I am a regular person who had an idea. If I can do it, you can too. 

3) You like my story. When I started the company, I was a full-time college student; I had a full-time job; and I was a single mom to three kids. I didn't let anything get in my way.

4) I love Connecticut! I am a Norwalk Community College and University of Connecticut graduate. My first real job was in Connecticut, and my business was born here.  

5) I support other entrepreneurs. I would never have achieved success if I tried to build this company on my own. I received lots of advice along the way, but also I encourage other entrepreneurs. I am always willing to offer advice to anyone that asks. I believe that helped people should always help people.

Thanks for your vote!